The United States has the dubious distinction of being one of the most if not the most dangerous country for drivers, at least when comes to the number of traffic fatalities that happen in New York and in the other states across this country.

For one, according to the results of a recent survey that attracted the attention of at least one major newspaper, the United States saw a hike of over 13.5 percent in the number of traffic deaths between 2010 and 2016. Of the 28 other countries surveyed, only 4 others had an increase in traffic deaths over this time; fatalities actually went down in the rest of the countries.

Unfortunately, the number of pedestrians and bicyclists who died on America’s roads also spiked during this time. The number of pedestrian deaths rose by almost 40 percent, and the number bicyclist deaths rose by just a hair less than 35 percent. Again, other countries saw pronounced decreased in the number of these types of fatalities.

Overall, the United States also has a very high rate of deaths per occupant of a motor vehicle. Out of 100,000 people, Americans lost over 11 in fatal car accidents. In other industrialized countries, the rate ranges from 2 to 5 per 100,000.

The study blamed the increase on an improved economy, as Americans love to travel by car, particularly when economic conditions are good. However, the study also made mention of the ongoing problem this country has with distracted driving, as the report suggested distracted drivers could also be increasing the fatality rate.

Indeed, a distracted driver or other White Plains driver who causes a fatal or even severe non-fatal accident will, however unwittingly, throw the victim and his or her family in to an emotional and financial turmoil. Although this cannot be undone, victims can at least hope for some compensation via a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.