Although no motorist really wants a traffic ticket, particular types of traffic violations can spell a lot of additional trouble for truck drivers and others in New York who hold a commercial drivers’ license and rely on it for their livelihood.

This is because some types of traffic infractions can cost a driver his or her commercial license, at least for some time. For example, even if it doesn’t lead to a DUI charge, if a trucker gets caught driving with over .04 blood alcohol content will lead to a disqualification from commercial driving for one year.

An additional violation will mean that a driver will not be able to legally operate commercial vehicles for at least one decade and possibly longer.

Even traffic tickets that other drivers might take as a mere annoyance could cost a truck driver his or her license. For instance, if the driver gets caught following another vehicle too closely, changing lanes illegally or even going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit more than once in any three-year period, the driver will lose his or her commercial driving privileges for either two or four months depending on the circumstances.

What’s more, truck drivers are somewhat limited in their options when it comes to negotiating a traffic ticket or entering a pre-trial diversion program. A separate federal rule prohibits courts from “masking” a truck driver’s conviction, even if the violation happened in a driver’s personal vehicle. What this means is that a driver ordinarily will not be allowed to enter a diversion program or otherwise keep a ticket off of his or her record.

If a commercial driver is pulled over in the White Plains area and charged with a traffic ticket that could affect the driver’s commercial license, he or she should consider seeking out the assistance of an attorney who has experience handling truck violations.