Previous posts on this blog have discussed how truckers can have a difficult and high stakes fight ahead of them on account of what for others might even be a simple traffic ticket.

The fight is difficult because, among other things, there are special rules in place that make it harder for truckers to work out a deal with prosecutors to resolve a traffic violation without affecting one’s driving record, assuming of course that a prosecutor is even willing to do so.

The fight is high-stakes because many truck drivers consider the license to operate a commercial motor vehicle, or CDL, among their most valuable assets.

For someone who drives for a living, not having a CDL means not having a means of making the money they need to support themselves and their families. Furthermore, on perhaps a slightly lesser note, black marks on one’s driving record can spell higher insurance premiums or, if the trucker works for a company, termination from one’s job or other trouble at work.

There are all kinds of penalties a trucker can face. In addition to having to follow all the rules of the road, truckers in New York have to follow additional rules and regulations, some of which are complicated and, quite frankly sometimes hard to keep track of. Moreover, traffic violations while a trucker is off the clock, that is, driving his or her personal vehicle, can still affect their CDL profoundly.

For these and other reasons, many truckers in the White Plains area and those who may have just been passing through have trusted our law office to help them defend both their legal rights and their livelihood. While every case is unique, we have helped many truckers in the past come up with an effective defense strategy that helped them stay on the road.