Many residents of White Plains, New York, may have heard about divorce mediation, as this blog has discussed it on previous occasions. Moreover, many experts talk about divorce mediation is a really good process that can help parents and children adjust to the idea of living life in separate homes without unnecessary emotional distress.

Mediation can also help a couple that intends to divorce or permanently separate from each other forge an agreement that both of them can live with and even feel some sense of ownership over. Finally, mediation saves time and money in terms of legal fees and costs and also can lay a foundation for a couple being able to resolve their differences down the road without having to return to court.

Generally speaking, parents will either agree to mediate their disputes or, as is becoming more common these days, a court will order them to mediate. Upon agreeing to mediate, either the court will appoint a mediator, or the parties will select one.

What happens next depends a lot on how the mediator chooses to conduct the mediation, but the general idea will be that the mediator will try to help the two sides come together and reach an agreement about the issues that divide them. The mediator will keep the proceeding confidential and will only report to the court what agreement gets reached, assuming the parties reach an agreement at all. A mediator will not take sides but is there to try to help the parties resolve their disputes.

Mediation is not the right option for every case. For example, in situations involving domestic violence, a mediation can just be another opportunity for a perpetrator to continue abusing his victim. Moreover, some divorce cases are very complicated and may be hard for a mediator to analyze fairly.

A family law and divorce attorney can help a White Plains resident determine whether mediation is a good option for them and also help them have the most successful mediation possible.