Like other states, New York law requires property owners, including owners of retail stores and shopping malls, to keep their premises safe for their guests and others who come on to the property with permission.

What this means for retail stores and malls that they have to take reasonable steps to protect their customers from getting hurt while on the property shopping or even just browsing. While this does not mean a store’s owner has to contemplate all possible ways a customer can get hurt, it does mean they have to be aware of, and prevent, more common hazards related to shopping.

There are in fact a lot of ways a White Plains resident can get hurt while they are shopping. Some common injuries that occur at malls, big box stores and other outlets include falls, such as when a floor or parking lot is wet or slippery, and head injuries, such as when objects located on high shelves tumble down on shoppers.

Other injuries include those that happen when equipment like a shopping cart tips over. Even large crowds, such as at the holiday rush, can seriously injure shoppers.

The common thread with all of these injuries is that a careful store owner can prevent them. For instance, many falls will be prevented by keeping a store’s parking lot well-paved and free of snow and ice. Likewise, making sure that objects stored in high places are properly secured and customers are kept out of dangerous areas.

When business owners do not do what they can to prevent these dangers, people get hurt. Sadly, many of these injuries are quite serious and can leave a victim permanently disabled. While these injuries obviously cannot be undone after they happen, a victim may be able to get some peace, and necessary financial help, by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent business owner.