State Police in New York arrested almost 30 people during a recent crackdown on drunk driving. While most of the arrests were in connection with police pulling over drivers who had supposedly violated another traffic law, in some cases, the drunk driving charges arose in connection with an accident.

Such was the case of a White Plains resident who was among those arrested. Police were called to the scene of an accident, which only involved damage to property, and began to suspect the driver of being under the influence. According to police reports, further investigation revealed the driver who caused the accident was legally too intoxicated to drive.

Another resident of White Plains was also arrested at a different location during this recent police activity. He was not involved in an accident, but police allege that they pulled his vehicle over after observing him commit a traffic violation. After speaking with the suspect and assessing the situation, police determined that he was also driving drunk.

The charges police filed varied from a simple DWI to felony charges related to DWI, as well as other criminal charges.

No matter the charge, though, those who are facing them should take them seriously. The penalties for drunk driving in New York, even for a first offense, can include jail time and most likely will include probation, fines and other fees and, of course, a significant license suspension. Moreover, someone who gets convicted will have to explain their conviction to employers and others for a long time.

Someone who has been arrested for DWI or other charges has legal options available to him or her, up to and including the right to have their guilt proven at a trial beyond a reasonable doubt. Someone who is interested in exploring their options should consider speaking with an attorney seasoned in criminal law.