You made a mistake that cost you your ability to legally operate a vehicle. After drinking with colleagues after a long day of your construction job, you drank and attempted to drive home.

Because your DWI charge proved to be your first offense, you have the ability to petition for specialized driving privileges. Your mistake did not injure anyone, and not having a license may significantly impact your income level and livelihood. New York state helps to aid you in rectifying your drunk driving mistake.

Process of reinstating your driving rights

In New York, if a court finds you guilty of a DWI, a judge may suspend your license depending on the severity of your DWI. To obtain the right to drive, you may have to first complete the Impaired Driver Program (IDP).

The program consists of classroom sessions in which your drinking habits are assessed. Upon your completion, you may receive a conditional license while your trial continues.

Conditional licenses prove very restricted. According the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), a conditional license allows you to:

  • Drive to and from your work
  • Drive during your hours of employment if your job requires driving
  • Drive to and from IDP sessions
  • Drive to and from class or school courses
  • Drive to and from probation activities
  • Drive to and from medical appointments (if medical statements are provided)
  • Drive to and from a child’s school or daycare

The court does not allow driving to extracurricular activities, yet a conditional license aids you in completing necessary tasks, so that you may continue to provide for yourself and your family.

If your license is suspended, do not drive

Without a conditional license given by the court, you break the law if you drive without a license. In addition to your suspended license, you could face large fines, extension of suspension or even jail time.

A judge holds the authority to even revoke your conditional license if a court finds you guilty of a moving violation. Moving violations include:

  • Illegal cell phone use
  • Seat belt violations
  • Traffic tickets
  • Child safety concerns

The state of New York provides the opportunity for you to continue normal life after a DWI. It proves essential to follow the process of receiving a conditional license, or you could be found guilty of further crimes.