A recent study suggested that more drivers operate the vehicles while texting and driving or otherwise engaging in distracted driving during the summer months than they do at other times of the year.

In fact, the study estimated that the frequency of distracted driving increases by 10 percent during June, July, and August as opposed to other times of the year. In practice, this means that during the summer, around 40 percent of drivers on the road are distracted for 15 minutes of every hour that they drive.

When one thinks about it, it is a scary to believe that someone can choose not to pay attention to their driving for 15 minutes, as a lot can happen on the road during a much, much shorter interval of time. Still people, justify their behavior, saying that they text and drive because they do not want to miss an emergency should one develop. Others also said that they needed to remain in contact with their workplace.

Why the frequency of distracted driving goes up in the summer may not be clear. However, experts suggest that the fact school is out for the summer may have something to do with it. This is because younger drivers are able to spend more time on the road when they do not have to attend classes, and such drivers apparently are more willing to risk the consequences of texting and driving.

Another factor experts point to is that families and others often go on vacation or to other fun spots during the summer. This means that people are traveling to unfamiliar destination on routes that may also not be familiar to them. This in turn means that drivers may try to rely more on their devices in an effort to get where they are trying to go.

No matter the reason, though, texting and driving is not acceptable in New York. A White Plains resident who gets hurt by a distracted driver may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.