Truckers traveling on the roads in and around White Plains, New York, are responsible for transporting a lot of different types of property. Naturally, some of this cargo is large, very heavy, or otherwise of unusual size and stature and requires special handling.

Like other states, New York has laws that keep property that is too heavy or that is two big or bulky in size off the roads, as allowing this sort of cargo to be transported on a regular basis and during hours of peak traffic flow can cause safety issues on the highways and can damage the roads themselves.

This is not to say that this sort of property can never be hauled from one place to another. Rather, truckers who wish to transport property or equipment that is overweight have to apply for and obtain the proper permit from the state before doing so.

Truckers and trucking companies need to be aware of New York’s weight and size restrictions on loads of cargo. On a related note, they should be aware of the permitting process for those occasions in which it is necessary to move cargo that exceeds these restrictions. Finally, after obtaining a permit, they need to strictly follow the terms and conditions of the permit. Not taking any of these steps can lead to truck violations and, with them, hefty fines and other penalties.

While taking these steps may sound easy enough, it is actually fairly easy to make an honest mistake or, on occasion, run in to a law enforcement officer or regulator who might misinterpret the law or otherwise not enforce the rules properly. In these sorts of situations, a trucker’s having a skilled attorney on his or her side can be very helpful.