A teacher at a prominent school in White Plains, whose first career was playing wide receiver in the NFL, has been arrested for allegedly slapping one of his students.

The teacher has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. He turned himself in and was since released on his own recognizance, that is, without having to post bail of any kind. The teacher has already had to resign his post. The resignation went in to effect immediately.

These charges stem from two incidents from about two years ago. In one incident, a video allegedly shows the teacher telling the teen to remove his glasses and then slapping him in front of the class. Another video allegedly shows the teacher in a physical altercation with the student. The video purportedly shows the teaching hitting the student twice in the back of the head.

The teacher who is accused says that he heard the student use a racial epithet frequently and had repeatedly told the student to stop using that word in his running speech. However, it is important to note that at this time, the teacher has not admitted to using force at all against this student, much less doing so to the point of unlawful excess.

The teacher attorney has also pointed out that the criminal charge comes conveniently at the exact same time in which the student and his family plan to sue both the teacher and the school over the alleged incident.

Criminal charges related to assault, especially when an assault involving a child, are very serious matters, and they can derail a person’s professional and personal life even if jail is not on the table. Such charges need to be confronted, usually with the assistance of an experienced criminal law attorney.