A driver of a passenger bus in the area of Newburgh, a tow in New York about an hour north of White Plains, was arrested recently and accused of striking a pedestrian and then leaving the scene of the accident.

No one reported the accident, but police later discovered the body of the victim and determined he had been hit by a car. Police had not publicly identified the man since they were trying to locate and notify the man’s family.

After starting their investigation, police apparently determined that the bus driver had hit the man with her bus. However, they indicated that they are still investigating the accident and were even asking for any potential witnesses to come forward.

The bus driver likely faces serious criminal charges and may be looking at the loss of her job as well. In addition to criminal penalties, the family of this man may also have the right to pursue compensation for the death of their loved one through a personal injury or, more properly speaking, a wrongful death lawsuit.

The family can seek to hold the bus driver responsible for this accident. Depending on the circumstances, they may also be able to sue the bus driver’s employer for compensation as well. They can speak with an experienced New York attorney about their options in this respect.

Like every other motorist, drivers of buses and other large vehicles must be on the lookout for pedestrians. If they do happen to hit one, they have an obligation to stop and do what they can to help, as not doing so can serve to make the matter only worse.