This blog has previously discussed how truckers who live in or just travel through White Plains, New York, and the surrounding area will want to consider fighting traffic tickets and tickets related to violations of motor carrier regulations or other transportation law violations.

There are many reasons a trucker should take such violations seriously. For one, truck violations can cost a commercial driver his or her license in certain cases. Moreover, traffic tickets can increase a trucker’s insurance premiums astronomically.

Another reason is that many if not most truckers will have some history of their violations recorded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FCMSA. With the advent of the information age, it is quite easy for trucking companies, who employ drivers, to review their recent driving histories.

If a driver’s record does not match the company’s standards, then the company may be willing to pass on an otherwise good candidate for employment. The upshot is that a trucker who accumulates a series of violations, even if it really is just a rough patch in their careers, can sharply limit their ability to remain in their chosen line of work.

A trucker’s reputation as a safe and reliable driver is perhaps his or her most valuable professional asset, and it can be very frustrating when overly strict law enforcement officers or aggressive prosecutors seem out to tarnish this reputation. In such cases, it may behoove a trucker to consider getting legal representation to help him or her fight a New York traffic ticket or citation for a motor carrier violation.