In what police are describing as an incident of road rage, a man has been arrested and accused of being involved in the death of New York City firefighter. The firefighter was not on duty at the time of the incident. This story has attracted the attention of the national news media.

Police were called to an accident report when they found the man lying near the road. He died around the time he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police say that there was a car accident, although it was not clear whether the firefighter or the other driver had caused the accident. The firefighter reportedly exited the vehicle and was going to talk to the other driver. At some point, the other driver struck the firefighter over the head and then left the scene of the accident. Police detained a suspect after the accident but have not specified exactly what the man is being charged with.

Although thankfully most road rage incidents do not end in the death of a person, people in White Plains probably know that things can get a little intense on the roads sometimes, particularly after an accident or when a driver has been particularly discourteous.

One thing can very quickly lead to another, and before one knows it, his or her argument with another driver can turn in to a criminal case that could include accusations of bodily injury.

In these sorts of situations, defenses may be available, including an argument that one was acting in self-defense. After all, some conversation between drivers is likely going to be necessary after an accident, and all parties have the right to feel safe. Those accused of committing a crime in the course of a road rage incident may need to seek the help of an experienced New York criminal law attorney.