Like every other vehicle that travels on New York’s roads, truck drivers who pass through White Plains are expected to follow the traffic laws of this state. Additionally, as previous posts have discussed, most truckers have a network of special rules and regulations that apply specifically to them.

This is because trucks are large and potentially dangerous vehicles that require some special skill and care to operate.

Additionally, trucks also put out a lot of chemical waste that can cause environmental damage, in part simply because of their size and weight. For this reason, they are subject to environmental rules and regulations, at both the state and federal levels, which pertain to a number of things, including to the design of the truck itself. These rules are intended to protect the environment while still allowing truckers to earn a living.

Truck drivers and their employers are responsible for knowing and complying with the environmental rules and regulations that apply to them. For instance, when lawfully requested to do so, they must be able to demonstrate that their vehicles meet air pollution emission standards, exhaust standards, and the like.

If they cannot do so, then they may face hefty fines and other serious penalties, penalties that in the worst cases can cripple their ability to earn a living.

For this reason, drivers and their employers should take truck violations pertaining to environmental regulations seriously. In many cases, a defense to an alleged violation may be available. In other cases, it may be possible to resolve the matter simply by agreeing both to fix whatever the problem is and to be more careful in the future.

While it may be tempting to just deal with a truck violation like any other traffic ticket, handling it in such a way can in the long term run contrary to one’s business interests. It may be advisable instead to go over one’s options with an experienced attorney.