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April 2019 Archives

Can I get my ex to help with extracurricular expenses?

Nowadays, many parents in the White Plains area consider a child's education incomplete unless the child is also involved in various extracurricular activities. Whether it is a sport, drama, music, or something else, many parents see these activities as having educational value and preparing a student to apply for college. They are also ways in which students get to experience school and have fun doing so.

Truckers must comply with minimum steering standards

Several previous posts have talked the various types of rules and regulations many truckers who are garaged or even pass through New York must follow. These rules govern the size and weight of trucks, as well as how much exhaust they can put out and how loud the truck can be.

Penalties for driving on a suspended license can be serious

The vast majority of White Plains residents probably know that they have to have a valid driver's license in order to operate their vehicles on New York's roads. In fact, getting a license to drive has become so commonplace that one can really say that it is ingrained in our culture.

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