Nowadays, many parents in the White Plains area consider a child’s education incomplete unless the child is also involved in various extracurricular activities. Whether it is a sport, drama, music, or something else, many parents see these activities as having educational value and preparing a student to apply for college. They are also ways in which students get to experience school and have fun doing so.

As many New York parents know, the cost of extracurriculars can add up quickly. There are often fees and other additional expenses that parents have to cover out-of-pocket. When parents live in separate homes, one parent can ask the court to require the other parent to pay a fair share of these extracurricular expenses. However, a court does not automatically have to do this just because a parent asks.

Instead, the court must consider whether the proposed expense would serve the child’s best interest and is otherwise appropriate given each parent’s financial situation and the overall circumstances. For instance, a parent with a low income is, relatively speaking, unlikely to be expected to pay for a new extracurricular expense the student just wants to try out. On the other hand, a parent who has been financing a student’s activity of choice for years will likely be expected to keep doing so.

Getting additional support for extracurricular activities is harder than just collecting basic child support. It may be helpful for a New York parent who needs this extra financial support for their child to seek out the assistance of an experienced family law and divorce attorney.