Several previous posts have talked the various types of rules and regulations many truckers who are garaged or even pass through New York must follow. These rules govern the size and weight of trucks, as well as how much exhaust they can put out and how loud the truck can be.

Not surprisingly, truckers must also make sure that their vehicles meet certain minimum standards when it comes to safety equipment. One safety system that regulators and law enforcement officers pay particular attention to is a truck’s steering components. After all, a truck with faulty steering will pose a hazard on the road even if the driver is among the most careful on the road.

The federal government has regulations setting out safety standards for a truck’s steering system. Truckers subject to federal authority must make sure that their vehicles comply with these standards. If they do not, and if the truck gets inspected, then the driver will be subject to truck violations, and, along with them, significant fines and the possibility of other penalties.

While there is no question that truck drivers and their employers should make sure that their vehicles are safe and well-maintained, at times, following the detailed and exacting steering standards to the letter can prove to be quite complicated.

Sometimes, despite the driver’s best efforts, the vehicle’s system will malfunction right around the time an officer happens to want to inspect the truck. At other times, the inspector may be confused about how to apply the steering standards or may not conduct a thorough and proper inspection before issuing a citation. In either of these cases, it may be helpful for a White Plains, New York, trucker to have the help of an experienced attorney.