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Luxury memberships, cemetery plots & other divorce entitlements

Wealthy divorces often lead to the unraveling of a complex amount of shared assets. Beyond the obvious types of assets (income, home, vehicles, etc.) couples should also consider the more unusual types of assets. When you are dividing a marriage, everything needs to be considered, including the pets, and the vacation homes.

Getting caught texting and driving can be costly

As is the case with other drivers in New York, truckers and other commercial drivers are not allowed to text and drive or engage in other distracted behaviors involving technology. Those drivers who are subject to federal regulations also must follow federal motor carrier rules that prohibit distracted driving.

The numbers confirm New York's basic speed limit is important

The good news about the arrival of spring in White Plains and the broader New York City metro area is that we will likely not be seeing much more snow and ice for the next several months. On the other hand, there will now be plenty of rain to go around.

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