As is the case with other drivers in New York, truckers and other commercial drivers are not allowed to text and drive or engage in other distracted behaviors involving technology. Those drivers who are subject to federal regulations also must follow federal motor carrier rules that prohibit distracted driving.

Violating New York’s texting and driving ban while operating a commercial vehicle is considered a serious traffic violation under federal regulations. What this means is that a driver who gets convicted of texting and driving twice within three years will lose his commercial license for 60 days. Additional violations could leave him without a license for 120 days.

Moreover, any driver in White Plains, including a commercial driver, will likely have to pay additional insurance premiums after getting convicted of texting and driving. Indeed, these insurance-related penalties for texting and driving have skyrocketed in the past decade.

For example, New Yorkers actually face relatively low premium increases following a texting and driving conviction. They will pay on average about $93 more a year for vehicle insurance, much less than the average of $290. Still, back in 2011, a person caught texting and driving would on average pay $3 more a year, or just a few cents every month.

In any event, commercial drivers accused of texting while driving should understand that a conviction can cause them a lot of trouble, more so than what a private driver might face. As a result, a trucker accused of texting and driving in or around White Plains should evaluate her options carefully and decide whether it might be best to try to fight or negotiate her ticket.