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New York's roads are getting less and less deadly

According to the latest statistics available through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, New York motorists can be proud of the fact that driving is, at least in some respects, safer than it was about 30 years go.

For instance, both the number and rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents in this state has dropped considerably. In 1975, 2,366 people died in traffic accidents on this state's roads. In 2017, the last year statistics were available, that number hit a low point of 999 deaths, a decrease of 58%. Likewise, the fatality rate per million miles driven dropped from 3.63 in 1975 to .81 in 2017, a decrease of 78%.

The fatality rate is well below 1.16, the fatality rate for the country as a whole. It is also considerably below that of several other states of comparable population.

Furthermore, New York has to some extent bucked a disturbing trend in many other states. Specifically, unlike other states, which have seen an uptick in both fatalities and the fatality rate since 2010, New York's numbers have continued a steady decline.

New York has enacted several measures and has deployed other means to make its roads safer, and it can be fair to say that at least some of these initiatives are having their intended effect. Still, though, there is plenty of room for improvement, as almost 1,000 people are still losing their lives on this state's highways and roads annually.

Many of these fatal accidents are preventable. Should a family in the White Plains area lose a loved due to a fatal accident or have to care for an injured victim following a serious collision, they may have the option of filing a wrongful death or personal injury case.


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