Life can be incredibly difficult for many reasons, but being diagnosed with cancer and fighting with a former partner over how child custody should be awarded can be some of the toughest challenges that people will ever have to deal with. Sadly, some people have to struggle through both of these tough issues at the same time. If you were recently diagnosed with cancer, your world may be in turmoil. You may have a lot of financial uncertainty and you may be unable to sleep or extremely stressed out. You may also be feeling hopeless and have little energy to deal with legal matters. Unfortunately, this can be problematic if you are fighting for your custody or visitation rights as well.

As difficult as this can be, it is often helpful to approach these two challenges separately. You may need to consider how your health problems could impact your ability to take care of your child (or children), but you should not allow a cancer diagnosis to shatter other facets of your life, such as your relationship with your children. Moreover, you should realize that if you are able to obtain a favorable outcome in your custody case, this may improve your mental health and your outlook on other critical issues, such as fighting cancer.

With this being said, it is not easy for parents to take on both of these major crises at the same time. Your former spouse may not be open to communicating with you and you may have a hard time moving forward. Understanding the legal rights that you have is pivotal, and you should do everything in your power to pursue an outcome that is best for your child.