New York is known for its high-paced lifestyle and nights out on the town. A significant portion of the population relies on public transportation and rideshare to get around town. Even so, there are some drivers who frequently get behind the wheel after a drink or several.

USA Today confirms that when drivers do this, it slows the reaction time. People can drive several times without needing to react quickly. However, in New York, that is unlikely. New Yorkers need to remain sharp behind the wheel or they could end up in an accident in no time.

Reaction time is why so many driving instructors insist that new drivers leave a decent amount of space between themselves and the driver in front. The more experienced people are as drivers, the less space they might begin to leave between them and the vehicle ahead of them. This becomes a problem when alcohol combines with the need to react quickly.

Sometimes all that happens is a fender bender. In other instances, a driver may run off to the side of the road, fall asleep and then drive home in the morning. Then, there are the 10,497 people who die from crashes related to drivers who are impaired by alcohol. The CDC estimates that this accounted for 28% of traffic deaths in 2016 across the country.

With stats like these across the country, it is no wonder that police officers are unwilling to give leeway to drivers. For the people who do get charged with a DUI, consequences for getting convicted range from a suspended license to incarceration. This is why it is so important to build a solid defense.