Many people turn to social media for support during difficult times and this is especially true for those going through a hard divorce. Moreover, those who have already completed the divorce process also face many challenges, such as depression, stress over their finances and uncertainty over various family law matters (such as custody). Posting on social media does help some people who are in this position, but it is also counterproductive in some instances. For example, some types of information that people share are actually used against them by a former partner. 

It is imperative to be mindful when it comes to any online activity, especially if you are posting potentially sensitive information about your life. Sometimes, posts are used against people in court, especially if the other parent of one’s child wants to gain the upper hand in a custody battle. Also, people who are struggling with financial obligations related to their divorce (such as child support payments or alimony) sometimes need to watch out when it comes to sharing certain types of information, especially details about their finances. 

In the digital era, there are many outlets to turn to when it comes to sharing information with others over the internet. With so many websites and apps, people are able to find a lot of support, and this is very helpful for some people who are struggling with negative emotions associated with their divorce. To read about other topics related to divorce, please visit our page on this topic and make sure that you approach your circumstances from an individualized viewpoint.