College students in New York may not take DUI charges seriously. They think they are only college students. They have a lifetime ahead of them. It is not that big of a deal. Unfortunately, if their DUI charge becomes a conviction, it will be a huge deal.

Today we will look at how DUI convictions impact college age people. We will examine why college students should treat DUI charges like a risk.

How DUI convictions are relayed to college

The College Investor says DUI convictions in college have the potential to make your life hard. This is in both the short term and the long term. In the short term, police will report your conviction to your college. There is no hiding a DUI-related conviction. The college decides how to deal with your case on their own. Penalties vary based on the college you attend, and the conviction. Sometimes, the number of convictions you have also influences a college’s choice.

DUI convictions and financial aid

They may decide to cut your financial support. If you relied on a scholarship, they may pull that. If you receive financial aid from the college, they may cut that as well. In some cases, they can kick students off of on-campus housing. This means you will need to find apartment living or other accommodations. For some, this is not financially possible.

Some colleges even kick out students with DUI convictions. Also, other colleges may not accept the applicants of people with DUI convictions. This can put you in a serious predicament if going to college is part of your life plan. One DUI conviction can send those plans awry.