Recently, you had a harrowing medical experience with your doctor, one that makes you consider pursuing legal action. To help create a foundation for your case, you check to see if your physician has a history of malpractice suits. How do you do that? 

Forbes describes several methods you can use for understanding how to put your apprehensions about putting your health in the hands of an unfit professional to rest. 

State department of health services  

Run the medical firm, hospital or medical center’s name through New York’s health services department database. There you can find complaints lodged against hospitals, which could help you determine if specific doctors bear responsibility for those complaints. 

State medical boards 

State medical boards head disciplinary action investigations. You can learn about disciplinary actions, such as losing a malpractice suit, against specific doctors for free. Alternatively, you can check the Administrators in Medicine site.

Court records 

You can go online to check local court records for past lawsuits against medical practitioners. If you want access to offline records, expect to have to pay for a copy by reaching out to the County Clerk in the physician’s current county. 

Search engines 

Plug in a doctor’s name into a search engine paired with “patient complaint,” “malpractice lawsuit” or “malpractice suit” and “New York” to see what comes up. Try various keyword and key phrase combinations to cover all bases. Check every state in which a doctor has a license to practice. 

Hopefully, you do not turn up concerning results after checking doctors for a history of malpractice. If you do, ensure you have all the facts before making a final decision.