A 32-year-old Syracuse man faced a host of charges after reportedly fleeing the scene of a traffic stop. He was pulled over by a state trooper on January 24 at 10:20 p.m. for an undisclosed motor vehicle violation. The man then struck the trooper’s vehicle as he fled at high speed.

The brief pursuit ended when the driver’s vehicle struck the Thruway’s median when he attempted to use Exit 39. Troopers took him into custody at that time, determining that he was impaired by alcohol despite not taking a breathalyzer test.

The charges

This was the driver’s third DUI within ten years, which escalates the charges to a felony. He also faces counts of fleeing the police, reckless endangerment and possession of stolen property (the plates on the car were stolen). The charge for the felony DUI would be:

  • Up to seven years in jail (or 60 days of community service)
  • $10,000 fine
  • A license revocation

With the additional charges involved in the case, there could be additional penalties and fees as well.

This man still deserves a day in court

The driver faces serious charges, and there is no doubt that panicking and fleeing the scene of the stop will make matters worse. Even under challenging legal conditions such as these, the driver still has the right for his case to be heard in a court of law. Perhaps there will be a plea for leniency with the help of an attorney with experience handling DUI charges here in New York. Even if the man is convicted, an attorney can also help the driver try to get his license reinstated at a later date.