Sometimes it is not realistic to stay in the same home after the divorce. This means that the family goes through two significant changes around the same time. It is helpful to minimize the impact of this stress by working with the right people. Picking an experienced family law attorney is essential, but it can also help to use a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist based here in New York.

These agents go through specific training to better serve clients going through a divorce. This enables the agent to understand issues not typically involved in the sale of a property.

Common issues these agents address

Realtors will likely come across a family that is selling their house during or after the divorce, but there is no guarantee that the agent made the process easier. Some essential issues they may need to address:

  • Do they have experience with divorced couples? Many divorces are amicable, but there still may be different priorities when selling the property. The agent needs to understand this and that the couple may not be effectively communicating with each other.
  • Can they handle combative clients? Some agents are unable or unwilling do represent couples who are not on the same page. Moreover, their actions or communications can make matters more complicated.
  • Can they negotiate a sale? Some agents let the house sell itself. A couple may wish to move the home quickly while still getting a reasonable price, which means that the agent should be ready to negotiate with other agents on price and other details.
  • Can they maintain the client’s privacy? It is common for agents to be chatty and amiable, talking about property and sharing personal insights. Clients may not appreciate an oversharing agent providing details of the divorce while selling the home.
  • Do they have references? A proven track record with sellers getting divorced helps the chances of a smooth sale.

There are also lists of red flags that any seller will want to watch for when picking a real estate agent.

Good guidance is crucial

A couple’s home is often their most significant asset, so it is essential to pick a real estate agent they can trust to be professional, organized and effective. They also need to understand how certain conditions in the divorce agreement can impact the property’s sale. Depending on the divorce, they may have to work closely with the attorneys representing each client.

The right attorney will also make a difference if they can help the client simultaneously navigate the sale of the home as well as the divorce. These matters are intertwined and can impact the divorce agreement. Even with this critical variable, they can help protect the client’s interests during this transition time.