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Prosecutors find charging CEOs with insider trading difficult

Recently, a former New York attorney general and governor commented on the difficulty of charging the CEOs of Wall Street firms with insider trading and other white collar crimes. Many hedge fund players on Wall Street were tried and convicted of the felony of insider trading, and the turmoil within these companies substantially damaged the economy. Many of these companies entered into expensive monetary settlements, while few of the CEOs were punished. There is a strong sentiment that the prosecutions did not address the main structural issues within the financial community that led to the banking crash of 2008.

Elmsford man accused of domestic violence in White Plains

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that crimes committed at home between couples can be very serious. Not only is the situation serious in terms of the victims of such crimes; the accused can also face severe consequences if the charges result in a conviction. Due to the intimate nature of most domestic violence allegations, friends, family and neighbors often presume the guilt of the accused, even before the case is heard in court.

Ponzi scheme charges filed against Long Island brokers

The recent economic downturn has made investment fraud a hot topic these days in New York. It seems that every couple of weeks someone in the city is being charged with a high-profile white collar crime, and now four former employees of an investment firm based in Long Island are facing criminal charges of operating a Ponzi scheme. The criminal complaint alleges that over 4,000 investors lost $179 million as a result of what federal prosecutors say were misleading business practices.

Morgan Stanley banker charged with assault, theft, intimidation

Readers in New York may have heard of a recent case involving a high-ranking Morgan Stanley banker who is now facing serious charges following a late-night taxi ride. The 47-year-old has been accused of stabbing a Middle Eastern cab driver and using racial epithets. The banker must now face allegations of second-degree assault, theft of services and intimidation by bias or bigotry.

Young man in Peekskill accused of burglary, attempted burglary

Recently, in Peekskill, a 22-year-old man was arrested and charged with burglary and attempted burglary. The police claim he is responsible for attempting to break into a number of gas stations in the area. However, while an investigation supposedly linked the young man to a number of felony crimes over the past month, exactly how the police came to that conclusion was not made clear in a local news report.

Host of "Good Day New York" cleared of possible rape charge

A host of a popular morning talk show in New York was recently cleared of possible wrongdoing after prosecutors reviewed the evidence in the case and deemed the facts insufficient to file criminal charges. The man was cleared of the charge that he raped a woman in a lower Manhattan office building after the two had gone out for drinks. The woman claimed that she had not been capable of consenting to sex. However, the prosecutors said the determined facts of the case did not "fit the definitions of sexual assault crimes under New York criminal law."

New York City marijuana arrests soar even after police order

New York City police have been criticized in the past for tricking people into buying drugs and then charging them with a crime. In fact, police officers have been specifically instructed not to use certain questionable tactics that many people say are downright illegal.

Bronx teen beaten by NYPD in drug arrest

Readers in New York may be all too aware that police officers can make serious mistakes when making an arrest. And, as one Bronx teenager and his family have recently seen first-hand, unfortunately such mistakes are not limited to merely procedural matters.

Police accuse Peekskill man of assaulting postal worker

Details are hazy in a local news report about a Peekskill man whom police have charged with assaulting a United States Postal Worker. The 18-year-old man is accused of third-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor.

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