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Late July ends with several DWI arrests in New York

State Police in New York arrested almost 30 people during a recent crackdown on drunk driving. While most of the arrests were in connection with police pulling over drivers who had supposedly violated another traffic law, in some cases, the drunk driving charges arose in connection with an accident.

New York woman facing felony drunk driving charges

A New York woman, although almost 80 years old, is facing serious charges relating to an alleged drunk driving incident that injured 9 people in a town just a few miles from White Plains. Of these 9 people, 5 were taken to hospitals and 4 were described as critically injured.

White Plains residents can benefit from drug diversion program

As is the case in other parts of New York, residents of White Plains who have the misfortune of being accused of a drug possession crime or even, in some cases, selling or manufacturing drugs can attempt to get involved in the local drug court or participate in another type of diversion program.

Overview of knife-related laws

While other states have laws pertaining to knives, New York's regulations are known for being somewhat strict. They are rigorous enough where even a well-meaning resident of White Plains could find herself in trouble for possessing or illegally distributing knives. These charges are serious and can carry with them long-term consequences.

New York man charged with drug charges after car crash

Car accidents can be scary events. They are ones that are unexpected, and are of course a difficult situation to process. What can make a hard time even more challenging is a motorist facing criminal charges following such an incident. This can cause an overwhelming matter to impact an individual in many ways, often making it difficult to navigate it.

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