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In all states, including New York, law enforcement officials use different methods to apprehend drivers who could be driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs. Drivers should note that they can be pulled over if officers see any probable cause or sign of intoxication.

Police officer suspected of drunken driving

Drunk driving is strictly prohibited in the United States. Each state has its own unique set of penalties that are imposed on those arrested for drunk driving. New York has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country. Readers should note that anyone, regardless of social status or government affiliation can be arrested for DUI, which is the case of an NYPD officer who was recently charged with DUI after being involved in a minor accident.

Midstate New York man gets twin DWI charges same night and place

Lightning rarely strikes the same spot twice, but when it does, the effects are rarely pleasant to anyone near the strike. Take the case of an Oneonta man who recently earned not one, but two DWI charges on the same night and at the same location.

Driver faces DUI charges after striking parked police car

An alleged drunk driver was arrested in Greenwich Village recently after his car struck an NYPD car on the West Side Highway after 10 one recent evening. According to the police officers, their car was parked with rooftop lights flashing along West 12th and Bethune Street after they had pulled over another vehicle when the alleged drunken driver's vehicle struck theirs. The force of collision pushed the police car onto the car that had been pulled over.

Police arrest man for DWI near White Plains

New York does not tolerate drunk driving on its streets. And despite the fact that drunk driving is considered a serious offense and carries significant penalties, the state still has its fair share of alcohol-related incidents. When one finds him or herself charged with a drunk driving crime, it can be life-altering. A recent DUI incident can help serve as an example.

New York town mayor faces DWI charge

American justice holds that no one is above the law. That lesson is apparent to any New Yorker who followed the recent news about the latest arrest of Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins. The mayor landed in trouble with police when he was caught in the aftermath of an apparent drunken-driving accident. He then compounded his problem with a series of profanity-laden rants directed at officers that were caught on police surveillance videos.

Wrong-way driver arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Just about every driver in New York has made a mistake behind the wheel. Some of these slipups are minor like forgetting to use a blinker or slightly speeding, while others are major such as driving the wrong way. When one makes a major driving mistake, the police are more likely to take note and react. Sometimes when these drivers are stopped, they are accused of drunk driving.

Man fails DUI test after refusing to take it

Recently, a 26-year old man in White Plains was pulled over by police on suspicion of driving under the influence. The driver was allegedly found by law enforcement sleeping on the wheel of his car, which was parked three feet from the curb with the engine running.

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