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Need Help Domesticating A Foreign Judgment In The State Of New York?

A large part of our practice is devoted to commercial collections and creditors’ rights. This includes helping out-of-state creditors reach into New York to collect on debts and judgments.

Jasne & Florio, L.L.P., provides full-service domestication of foreign judgments. We regularly assist businesses, individuals and law firms throughout the United States. If your debtor has operations or assets in New York, our legal team can help you establish and enforce that judgment in efficient, cost-effective fashion.

We invite you to call our White Plains law firm at 888-881-7321 to arrange a consultation.

Commercial Collections Across State Lines

Our law firm represents a wide range of clients from sister states in domestication of foreign judgments:

  • Businesses, landlords, utilities, realty companies, hospitals and construction contractors
  • Personal injury lawyers and other out-of-state law firms and collection agencies pursuing judgments within New York
  • Individuals, from medical professionals to ex-spouses pursuing child support or alimony arrears

The process for domesticating foreign judgments depends on the nature of the underlying judgment. The state of New York will generally recognize judgments that were adjudicated on the merits in the sister state. From there it is a matter of filing the paperwork to properly register the judgment. If the original judgment was obtained by default in the sister jurisdiction, you essentially have to come into New York court and prove your claim before it will be registered.

Once the judgment is validated by the local court, out-of-state creditors have the same rights as any New York business or individual. Our attorneys can help with the domestication process and all follow-up collections and enforcement of the debt.

We Handle Domestication Of Judgments On A Daily Basis

Our lawyers are well-versed in the New York Civil Practice Law and Rules. We help you “do it by the book” to avoid any errors or delays in domesticating judgments. We have been successful in helping out-of-state clients trace assets in New York, including intentional efforts to thwart creditors through secret accounts, asset transfers and shell companies.

Based in White Plains, we practice throughout New York City and statewide, and we welcome creditors from anywhere in the United States. Call 888-881-7321 or contact us online.