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Protecting Your Interests In Child Support And Spousal Maintenance

Child support can be a highly contentious issue in divorce proceedings as the custodial parent fights to maintain the children’s standard of living while the noncustodial parent fights to retain income or assets. For the sake of your children, it is best to come to an agreement before the dispute must be settled through litigation. An attorney who is experienced in resolving complex issues can provide you with the tools and options helpful to compromise and favorable outcomes.

At the White Plains law firm of Jasne & Florio, L.L.P., we handle complicated relationships, distances between parents, complex financial issues, child support modification and the nuances of child support laws that can affect agreements. New York child support guidelines and courts typically use a formula averaging the incomes of both parents to calculate child support payments, but when parents have income exceeding certain limitations as set by New York state law, more options and complications can become apparent.

Call us today at 914-368-7236 or toll free at 888-881-7321, or contact us by e-mail to discuss your options and goals. Our team, comprising three vastly experienced Westchester County child support attorneys, an in-house CPA and a Spanish-speaking support staff, has successfully handled numerous child support and spousal support matters in our clients’ best interests.

White Plains Spousal Support and Alimony Attorney

We help our clients in matters involving temporary spousal support over the course of divorce proceedings and long-term maintenance or spousal support orders. Our attorneys are effective in helping both recipients and paying spouses establish and modify orders that align with their financial needs and capabilities. We work to develop reasonable agreements and expectations for both parties.

One example is that the paying spouse could pay less as time goes by if the earning potential of the recipient spouse increases or necessary financial support decreases. Regardless of how complex your situation is, how long you have been married or how large your disparities of income might be, our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you obtain your best possible outcome in a spousal support agreement.

Call us today at 914-368-7236 or toll free at 888-881-7321, or contact us by e-mail. Our lawyers provide complimentary initial consultations and cost-effective resolutions.

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