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Staten Island teens face murder charges in deliveryman shooting

Criminal charges are serious accusations that have the possibility of serious consequences if the accused is convicted, whether that person is in New York or somewhere else in the country. When the charges include accusations of violent crimes, the accused should act quickly to address the charges in a timely manner.

New York man faces criminal charges for trying to protect family

Criminal charges come with severe consequences. If convicted of criminal charges, a Westchester County, New York resident could potentially face a substantial fine and lengthy prison sentence. The resident's reputation may also be tarnished. However, not everyone facing charges has malicious intent in mind. Others, such as a Huntington Station man, only want to protect their loved ones.

Three arrested for illegally trafficking guns

Law enforcement officials recently indicted three people for trafficking weapons between Georgia and New York. The charges were brought by a New York prosecutor against a Long Island couple and a Georgia man for criminal sale of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon.

Police arrest three for drug and gun charges during house raid.

Recently, police in New Springville, New York, recovered a .38 caliber revolver, illegal drugs, and measuring equipment used for the sale and manufacture of drugs during a police raid on a local home. Police arrested three people, a 28-year old woman, a 22-year old woman, and a man.

New York police charging "community gun" owners with conspiracy

Recently, law enforcement officials in New York have accused street gangs in New York City of using new tactics in concealing the ownership of weapons to evade detection. They are reportedly using "community guns," where the gang members do not actually own the weapon but have access to it to commit violent crimes.

Traveler at JFK arrested for carrying stun gun

A man was recently arrested at New York City's John F. Kennedy Airport for carrying a stun gun, a weapon that is illegal in New York and the mere possession of which is a crime under New York law. The man was arrested after Transportation Security Administration agents discovered a stun gun pen in the man's luggage and reported it to Port Authority police. According to the TSA, the man was travelling from the United States to Korea. There were no reports of any of the airport's routine activity being disrupted by the man's arrest.

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