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Will I have to pay alimony?

Getting divorced is not an easy or enjoyable process, and most people just want to put the event behind them and focus on the future. Unfortunately, that can be a challenge when there is something tying you to your ex.

Cheating in NY is actually a crime, one that can affect a divorce

As if the guilt of being unfaithful to your spouse was not punishment enough, in New York State you could be charged with a crime. From the days of pinning the scarlet letter “A” for adulterer on a cheater’s jacket stems what can only be deemed as an outdated law. Outdated or not, when it comes to getting a divorce, people go to great lengths to be ruthless.

Is a secret affair with credit cards worse than being unfaithful?

Many U.S. couples are keeping a big secret from their significant other that could tear their relationship apart. According to a Bankrate poll, 15 million people are hiding credit cards, checking accounts or savings from their live-in partners. Discovering that your partner is keeping financial secrets can feel like a violation of trust.

Finding hidden assets in a divorce

Divorce can bring out a self protective nature in people. Sadly, oftentimes the self protection instinct involves looking out for their financial future after divorce. A spouse may consider hiding assets during the divorce in order to avoid having to divide them during the divorce proceedings. If you suspect your spouse of hiding assets, there are ways to look for them.

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