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Rapper arrested for drug and weapons possession

Police in Staten Island, New York have arrested a 35-year old rap artist for weapons and drug possession after raiding his home. The police obtained a warrant for the home of rapper Shyheim Franklin, who had worked with The Notorious B.I.G., and allegedly found a gun rolled up in a sock, as well as heroin in a safe in his bedroom. Police also allegedly found drug paraphernalia such as a scale and plastic bags. Franklin was charged with drug possession and possession of a gun. Franklin has a previous criminal history, including jail time for attempted robbery and possession of a stolen gun. This previous criminal history means that Franklin is ineligible to possess a gun. Franklin is currently being held on $10,000 bail.

Prosecutors say drug traffickers used bank to launder money

Recently, federal authorities investigated the use of the international banking group HSBC by a group of NYC men accused of trafficking in drugs. The men were additionally accused of laundering money, and the investigation ultimately resulted in a $1.9 billion settlement between the bank and the federal government.

Bank to pay hefty fine for allegedly laundering money to Iran

Recently, Standard Chartered Bank has been forced to pay a large fine of $340 million to the state of New York for allegedly laundering money to Iran over a time period of seven years. The state of New York's action in this case raises the question of the appropriateness of a state's prosecuting these particular felonies. Federal authorities had the information necessary to prosecute the bank for five years, but they did not act before the state authorities did.

New York Law cracks down on gun smuggling

In the aftermath of the recent high-profile shootings, a series of five bills introduced in the New York State Senate would make New York into the state with the toughest gun control laws in the country. The new laws are intended as a response to the recent uptick in violent crimes.

White collar crime and community figures

Embezzlement is one of the most common forms of white collar crime. It involves the misappropriation of money that a person was entrusted with. An embezzler comes into possession of the property lawfully but then illegally takes possession of it. The penalty for embezzlement frequently depends on the value of the property stolen. If convicted, defendants can be fined for the amount of money stolen or for the value of the property misappropriated. A conviction for embezzlement can also carry a prison sentence.

Elmsford man accused of domestic violence in White Plains

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that crimes committed at home between couples can be very serious. Not only is the situation serious in terms of the victims of such crimes; the accused can also face severe consequences if the charges result in a conviction. Due to the intimate nature of most domestic violence allegations, friends, family and neighbors often presume the guilt of the accused, even before the case is heard in court.

3 young men facing cocaine charges in White Plains

With every crime comes a penalty, and while penalties differ depending upon the severity of the offense, no punishment is a walk in the park. Drug crimes, in particular, are harshly penalized and aggressively prosecuted. A conviction on drug charges can result in jail time, probation, fines and being barred from certain kinds of employment.

Domestic violence legislation passed in New York

New Yorkers will be interested to know that state legislators are seeking to increase penalties for crimes related to domestic violence. The New York State Senate and Assembly recently passed a bill that names new felony and misdemeanor crimes. For the legislation to be made in to law, the next step is for the governor to give his approval.

New York man charged with felony DWI

No matter what crime an individual has been accused of, it is never a good idea to run from authorities. Running can be seen as presumptive of guilt, even if the person flees out of fear and not because a crime has actually been committed. In any case, trying to elude police can certainly make a bad situation worse, which one New York man recently discovered when he was arrested and charged with DWI.

2 men in Queens facing serious cocaine charges

Two men in the city were recently accused of serious drug crimes. Police claim to have seized a large amount of evidence, though whether a search warrant was properly obtained may be an issue worth bringing up in the suspects' defense.

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