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White Plains teens busted for drug possession allegedly fled cops

Police in White Plains recently arrested three teenagers for marijuana possession after they allegedly tried to flee from law enforcement inside a local mall parking garage. Police claim to have spotted the teenagers, two 16 year olds and a 17 year old, smoking from a brown hand-rolled cigarette after officers on patrol detected the smell of marijuana.

White Plains man facing drug possession charges

Recently, police in White Plains arrested a man for marijuana possession after observing him smoking a cigar in a park at night. The New York man was with two other men in their twenties. Police observed the three men smoking, and went in to stop them when one began to urinate in public. Police claim that the defendant then dropped the cigar to the ground.

Marijuana kingpin charged with additional crimes

A New York man labeled as a "marijuana kingpin" has been charged with five felonies by Manhattan prosecutors. The man allegedly ran a million-dollar marijuana smuggling ring that smuggled tons of marijuana from Florida and California into New York. The man and three other members of the smuggling ring were originally arrested in October 2010 on drug charges as part of a federal takedown known as Operation Green Venom. Prosecutors charged the alleged kingpin with the murder of five men while overseeing the drug ring. They also charged him with five attempted murders, as well as obstruction of justice, money laundering and drug trafficking.

Police in Queens say man possessed gravity knife, cocaine

Two New York City police officers claim their reason for flagging down a driver recently in Queens was that the man's windows were tinted too darkly. Despite such a dubious probable cause, the traffic stop resulted in very serious charges against the 34-year-old driver.

Hundreds in NYC may have been unlawfully arrested for marijuana

A 1977 New York state law makes it a violation to possess 25 grams or less of marijuana, resulting in a penalty of $100 for the first offense. However, drug charges involving possession of any amount of marijuana in public view is a misdemeanor punishable by up to three months in jail and a $500 fine.

White Plains man facing charge of misdemeanor possession of PCP

According to an arrest report filed by the White Plains Police Department, a 34-year-old man was yelling at EMT workers while they assisted his friend. The police claim the EMT workers were giving medical assistance to the second man because he was extremely intoxicated, though it wasn't made clear in a local news report why the officers came to that conclusion.

New York City marijuana arrests soar even after police order

New York City police have been criticized in the past for tricking people into buying drugs and then charging them with a crime. In fact, police officers have been specifically instructed not to use certain questionable tactics that many people say are downright illegal.

Complaint about selling marijuana from store leads to 4 arrests

Recently, four New York men were arrested after a complaint was filed that an employee was selling marijuana at a convenience store, as well as from his apartment. After a search warrant was purportedly executed at the home, the four men were arrested and charged with a number of crimes, including third-degree criminal sale of marijuana and fourth-degree criminal possession of marijuana.One of the men also faces charges of second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, though the details of that particular charge were not disclosed. Another man is additionally charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal use of drug paraphernalia. Those charges range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Man accused of importing 2 tons of marijuana arraigned in New York

An alleged leader of what prosecutors claim is the "most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world" has been returned to New York and now faces federal charges. The 53-year-old man is accused of importing tons of marijuana into the U.S. He has been arraigned and is awaiting his due process.

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