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Parenting time following a divorce

Sometimes relationships come to an end. However, when married parents in New York and elsewhere decide to call it quits, this does not mean they are calling it quits on their relationship with their child. Although spouses no longer what to live together or have a relationship with one another, this should not alter or strain the relationship that a mother or father has with their child. During the divorce process, however, parents must determine what parenting will look like post-divorce.

When is one entitled to spousal maintenance in a divorce?

Divorce is not only an emotional process, but it is also a financial one. Even when complex assets are not involved, it can still be challenging for spouses to sort through all the finances. And, spouses will need to develop a post-divorce budget that addresses their new financial situation. Sometimes a spouse may come to the realization that they will have a very hard time making ends meet following their divorce. Thus, some spouses in New York and elsewhere seek spousal support (maintenance) to offset the financial challenges he or she might have for the short and long-term.

Advocating for your rights in child custody matters

When parents in New York decide to end their marriage, they are often worried about how much the divorce process with cost them. However, when children are involved, they will take any and all necessary steps to ensure the child is protected and their best interests are met. Even if a difficult child custody dispute breaks out, this does not automatically mean that spouses are stuck with costly litigation as their only method towards resolution.

The benefits of virtual divorce mediation

The movies and the media portray that divorce is a very complex, messy and dispute-filled time. This is often not far from the truth for some divorcing couples in New York and elsewhere. However, many couples in New York do not want to go through a spiteful and stressful divorce. Many couples seek out divorce methods that could help with an amicable divorce. This is where divorce mediation can be extremely helpful and valuable.

What are your visitation rights if you are denied custody?

Parents in New York and elsewhere face the natural ups and downs when it comes to being part of a family. However, when the relationship is stressed between parents and it is apparent that it will no longer work, divorce is often the best step to take. Although no one is happy about getting a divorce, it is often what is best for everyone involved, especially the children.

What are the visitation rights of a non-custodial parent?

No one would describe divorce as being an easy process. It often requires spouses to make very difficult and emotional decisions. When children are involved, parents are frequently faced with the most challenging choices of their life. It is never easy thinking about seeing a child less than full time, which is why some parents seek to obtain sole custody of their children.

Filing for divorce during the holidays

While children are busy preparing their Christmas list to send to Santa, parents in New York and elsewhere are thinking about what they need the most this holiday season. While there are some items likely to spark the fancy of most parents, others are focused on their marriage and their wellbeing. In other words, some parents are wondering if this might be the last Christmas spent together as a family.

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